our words make worlds

Language Acts and Worldmaking is a flagship project funded by the AHRC Open World Research Initiative, which aims to regenerate and transform modern language learning by foregrounding language's power to shape how we live and make our worlds.

Worldmaking Fair: Languages Now

Language Acts and Worldmaking is pleased to announce the launch of its Worldmaking Fair, a season of events on the theme of 'Languages Now', running May-Sept 2019

Impact on Curriculum Innovation

The Language Acts and Worldmaking team have received four King’s Curriculum Innovation Awards to develop new interdisciplinary and service modules for undergraduate students.

Out of the Wings Forum Cfp

The call for the forthcoming forum for researchers and practitioners, 'Worldmaking on Stage and the Work of Theatre Translation Beyond the Stage', taking place 30 July 2019 at King's College London, is now closed.


King’s College London, Anatomy Museum, Level 6, King’s Building, Strand, London WC2R 2LS

Classroom Acts: Performativity, Identity and the Emergence of New Communities in German Language Teaching

King's College London, Anatomy Museum, Level 6, King's Building, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

New Worlds for Old Words Colloquium

King’s College London, Council Room, Room K2.29, Level 2, King’s Building, Strand, London WC2R 2LS

Rethinking the Languages Pipeline in the Age of Brexit

Insole Court, Fairwater Road, Cardiff, CF5 2LN

  1. Travelling Concepts

    Words in action

  2. Translation Acts

    Worldmaking on stage

  3. Digital Mediations

    Mapping multilingualism and digital culture

  4. Loaded Meanings

    New worlds for old words

  5. Diasporic Identities

    Teaching languages, mediating cultures

  6. Language Transitions

    Moving through languages