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Language Station: Transhistorical Translations

Language Station

An intimate and informal evening, this Language Station event features readings, interventions and open conversations between the internationally-renowned poet Caroline Bergvall, and artists, writers and academics Erín Moure, Alba Cid, Harriet Cook, Julian Weiss, and Monica Acosta.

To tie in with the ‘Travelling Concepts’ strand of the Language Acts and Worldmaking Project, this is the first public-facing “Language Station” (a concept developed by Bergvall as part of her research towards her performances RAGADAWN and SONIC ATLAS, to account for her discussions with and recordings of poets/writers/translators of “minoritarian” languages in Europe) and it will focus on its special interest in Medieval Andalucía, as well as languages from Iberia (Galician and Ladino).

Short Introduction, Sonic AtlasCaroline Bergvall

Chaired conversation & readings: Canadian translator and poet Erín Moure (via Skype), Galician poet Alba Cid, PhD researcher/Sonic Atlas project assistant Harriet Cook

Julian Weiss, KCL, on Ladino balladry in historical context. 

The evening closes with a conversation with and presentation by Ladino singer Monica Acosta.

At the heart of Bergvall’s SONIC ATLAS is the process of revitalizing connections between languages active in Europe through the recorded translation and discussion exchanges of the Language Stations. Bringing together “language workers”, “language traffickers”, these encounters bring to the fore the all-important role of energising values of collaboration and friendship across borders and the relevance of poetic work and practice-led research for the renewal of translinguistic contact. 

This event is wheelchair accessible. To book tickets please see the evening's Eventbrite page. We look forward to seeing you there! Make sure to book as spaces are limited. 

This is a Language Acts and Worldmaking Small Grants event. 

Part of the Language Acts and Worldmaking Worldmaking Fair.